My name is Weidong Zhou, working as consultant with Enkitec. During my many years’ IT career, I have worked on different database architectures, like traditional relational database, object oriented database, column based database, data warehouse appliance, and recent years on Oracle Exadata and Hadoop based Big Data. I have developed my own database in the past, yes, from scratch. During the process, I did extensive research on many database systems, like Oracle, Teradata, DB2, Sybase, Netezza, Vertica and several other open source databases. The more I involved in the database internal, the more I appreciate the way Oracle handles transaction and recovery.  Other competing database products are far away. Of course, Oracle Exadata is not the first data warehouse appliance in the market, at least five years late compared with other competitors. But it is definitely a market leader right now.  It’s always a fun to fine tune a engineering system and improve the performance. Of course one trick to tune the system is to investigate the issues line by line, just like the photo below.  🙂


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